World Lottery NFT

The first worldwide lottery using blockchain

Features World LOttery NFT

Welcome to the first worldwide lottery using blockchain

We will propose 12 collections of 30 NFT with your lucky numbers.
Each participant will be able to get his lucky number directly from the collection of his choice available on OpenSea.

Once all the numbers are assigned, a draw will take place.

All NFT purchases are registered on the blockchain, so the winnings will be sent directly to the winner’s etherum address.

World lottery nft is determined to meet its responsibilities




To participate it is very simple. You have to go to our OpenSea profile and choose your favorite number from the available collections.

The lottery is run once all the numbers in a collection have been distributed.

You will be notified of the time of the giveaway directly on our Instagram account.

You have 1 chance out of 30 to win 10 x your stake at each draw.

Congratulations! Your favorite number has been drawn!
Your winnings will be sent directly to your wallet with which you purchased your lucky number within 24 hours.

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If you have a question or simply need help we are here to help you. We will answer you very quickly.